TD Securities’ Melek wins LBMA gold forecast

Jan 9, 2018 - 5:24 PM GMT

TD Securities’ Bart Melek has won LBMA’s annual precious metals forecast survey, the LBMA announced today.

Melek’s forecast for the average gold price in 2017 of $1,256, was just $1.15 below the actual average price.

In the other precious metals, Tom Kendall of ICBC Standard Bank came first in the silver forecast – he had predicted a 2017 average of $17.10, just 5 cents above the actual average.

Glyn Stevens (independent) took the prize for platinum with a forecast of $935 against an actual average of $948.49.

Finally, Metal Bulletin’s William Adams scooped the prize for his palladium forecast of $850, $18.96 below the actual price.