Gold Charts

Bullion Desk gold charts provide real-time spot price information. The charts update every two seconds – there is no need to refresh the page – and are available in US dollars, sterling, the yen, the euro and renminbi.

For a more detailed chart, please visit the Bullion Desk free live gold charts workstation, which allows you to adjust the parameters to your needs.

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Every picture tells a story, and that certainly applies to the examples of the gold price charts seen above. A chart is not just a dull representation of numbers – rather it is a snapshot of human behaviour and irrationalities at times that can range from minutes to days to weeks to months to years and, ultimately, all of history. A chart will not only tell what has happened in the past – useful as that is. It is also a weather-vane that can often predict what will happen in the future, which is essential in the fast-moving volatile financial world of the 21st century. It is that contrast between the short-term noise and fury of the 24-hour chart and the longer-term 10, 15, and even-longer charts – Elliot Waves, for example – that is what the major money investors, such as the big macro-economic and pension funds are looking for. Equally, the short-term player – in and out of the market in a day – needs to gauge the blow-by-blow mood, and that is where an intra-day chart as fine-tuned as one minute comes into play.